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The difference between user interface design and experience design

:admin :2021-08-17

Note: User interface (UI, User Interface) design is one of several interdisciplinary subjects involved in designing software products. Whether it is User Experience (UX, User Experience), Interaction Design (ID, Interaction Design), or Visual / Graphic Design (Visual / Graphic Design), user interface design can be involved.

1. What is user interface design?

Broadly speaking, the user interface is a medium for communication between humans and machines. The user issues an instruction to the machine, and the machine immediately starts a process, responds to information, and gives feedback. The user can make the next operation decision based on user feedback.

Human Computer Interaciton (HCI, Human Computer Interaciton) is mainly concerned with digital interfaces, that is, punching machines and command lines in the past, to the graphical interface (GUI, Graphic Design) of today.

User interface design is mainly concerned with layout, information structure, and display of interface elements on display screens and various terminal platforms for digital products. Video games and TV interfaces are also included.